The undersigned, as President of S.C. GIMART IMPORT EXPORT S.R.L. – CALARASI, I hereby commit myself to introduce an excellence-oriented policy with the declared intention of becoming more performant than our competitors. To this end, we shall endeavour to completely fulfil all requests, requirements and expectations of our customers, in order to increase their number, to reduce the number of complaints and to diminish the cost prices.
For this purpose, we have established the Company’s Quality Policy, which is compliant with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008. This is the foundation of the Quality Management System to be operated by us all within the organisation.
Every manager, head of department or employee must be familiar with the quality policy and the corresponding procedures applicable for each and every activity and department. The responsibility to achieve quality belongs to each one of us, irrespective of the sector we deploy our activity, respectively the operative, administrative or accounting sector, etc.
I hereby declare my full commitment to achieve the policy and the goals established for the field of quality as presented in the Quality Manual and the permanent preoccupation for the improvement of the Quality Management System implemented within the company. We must all understand that obtaining quality is conditioned by our products, by means of a careful planning, concern towards details and orientation to providing better products, so that the customers' demands and expectations are met.
I hereby appoint the Head of the Quality Management, Environment and Labour Protection Department as Representative of the management in the quality field with a view to:
• ensure the implementation and preservation within S.C. GIMART IMPORT EXPORT S.R.L. - CALARASI of the Quality Management System;
• permanently report the implementation status and the Quality Management System functionality, for the analysis thereof in view of correction and improvement.
The Quality Management System shall be assessed on a regular basis within the analyses conducted by the management, by means of the approved internal audit program, but also by certifying bodies, with the purpose to ensure its continuous efficiency. I shall pay special attention to the results of these audits. In order to also have a measurement system for our successes pertaining to the reduction of faults, we shall pay increased attention to quality-related costs, which shall provide the image of the price we pay for non-execution of the product RIGHT FIRST TIME.

Ion Gheorghe - Chief Executive Officer